Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the good the bad and the funny

The Good:
I finally got a sewing machine. I have gone far too long without one. It's sad really. What makes it even better that it was free. It's a hand me down that was barely used. All of the little peices were still sealed up in their little packages. I am thrilled. I needed one so bad. Luckily I had mentioned buying one and someone very sweet said "wait take this one".  Gotta love grandmas. :)

The Bad:
We fell in love with a house that we were shown and put in a bid. They countered right away. We put in another (strong) bid and waited. We thought our chances of getting it were good but someone else came along offering cash so they got it. I was quite sad about that one. I wanted that house so bad. It needed a bit of work but it was perfect in my eyes. hmmph. I hope we find another one just as good and soon.

The Funny:
I went and saw Charlie Sheen's live show.
I had no clue what to expect and of course I wondered if we had just wasted a bunch of money on tckets. I actually enjoyed it. Love him or hate him, I thought he was funny and we had a great time. I think that the people who did not enjoy it had expectations. I went with none, so I was not disappointed.